Stacy Rhodes of Spirit Photographers, Columbus, Ohio specializes in infant, children and family portraiture.

Spirit Photographers of Columbus Ohio always strives to capture the personality and spirit of every photography subject. Not only is breathtaking portrait imagery captured with every shot, Spirit Photographers of also applies the unique portrait artistry and the photography technical knowledge of professional photographers both during the shoot and in post-shoot photograph editing/enhancement.

Stacy Rhodes of Spirit Photographers, Columbus, Ohio has made a name for herself in the Midwest by continuing to raise the bar with her level of family portrait artistry and ability to truly capture in her photography, the spirit of her portrait subjects. Stacy has the eye to bring your family photographs to life and preserve its rich heritage in portrait art with color and artistic composition. These are not your average photographs but portrait artwork that can only be described as stunning. Stacy can coax a smile from the most stubborn child or a twinkle from Grandpa’s eye. Her patience in getting the best photograph is a tribute to her determination to capture your memories for years to come.