Senior Portraits -What to Wear {Columbus, Ohio Photographer}

I have a new collection for Senior Portraits What to Wear on Pinterest!  Graduation is just around the corner for high school seniors this year.  It is a VERY exciting and BUSY time of year for you, but if you haven’t made the time yet for your senior portraits, it’s not too late! This is such an important time in your life your senior portraits is an important way to document your personality. In my Pinterest collection “Seniors-What to Wear”,  I’m featuring some ideas for the high school seniors. For senior sessions I always recommend outfit changes with layers and tons of accessories to change up the look in your portraits. Always bring clothing that is in your color palette.  If you don’t know what your color palette is, Skin Perfect is a great place in Columbus to go get an analysis. Skin Perfect describes it as “An analysis and identification of a person’s natural skin tone and determination of the best colors that are in perfect harmony with their tone. This includes clothing and hair recommendations. A customized makeup lesson and take home swatch booklet is included. Knowing this information ensures that money is never again wasted on the wrong makeup color and your face color seamlessly integrates with your neck color.” I have had it done and it is life changing!  It has saved me tons of money on clothing and makeup that I used buy that is NOT my color and I end up not wearing it and wasn’t sure why?  Also, be sure to bring MORE than you will need for your portrait session so we can go through and chose what will photograph best. Feel free to contact me before your session to talk more about wardrobe…for seniors, children, family or any type of session.




What to Wear for Family Portraits via Pinterest {Columbus, Ohio Photographer}

I have to admit, I have a new love in my life….PINTEREST!  If you are not familiar with Pinterest, you REALLY  need to check it out.  If you don’t have an account yet request an invite from or a friend like me (contact me with your email address and I’ll send you an invite).

A person can have multiple boards, each with multiple pins. Each pin is a saved image that links to the original webpage showing the image, and a description set by the person who pinned it. Pins are organized by boards – a simple way to connect pins together under a single topic or theme.  If you are like me, I’ll see something I love and then FORGET where I saw it and search for hours to find it again.  Pinterest SOLVES that problem.  I use interest for inspiration, bookmarking, sharing and organization…as well as some web marketing for my business.

Anywho, I have created a board that I think might be helpful to my clients. Its the number one question I get asked before a photoshoot….WHAT DO WE WEAR??  Well now you can go to my board and gets some ideas and inspiration.  You can find it here  .   If you find other ideas, feel free to pin to this board.  I have included a “pin” from the board below.  I hope you guys find this helpful for future portrait sessions.  Happy Hump Day!



Mini Portrait Session Specials for 2012

As promised, here it is!!!  The Mini Portrait Session Specials for 2012.  I am so excited for these.  They will be tons of fun and will prove to produce some of your favorite portraits from 2012!  Some of my absolute favs are Ties & Tutus, Moms Night Out (I CAN’T wait for the one), Vintage Fields, Dance Recital Costumes and Christmas in September (get your holiday cards done)!  Also, a portion of the proceeds from the Dog Days of Summer will go to the CHA Animal Shelter in Columbus.  Oh yeah and the Halloween Special too.  A portion of the proceeds from this event will go to Safe Kids of Central Ohio – OK…so basically ALL OF THEM!

I know its hard for a lot of you to have your portraits taken as often as you may like and this gives you an opportunity to do that!  It’s also a way for me to see you guys more often….cuz I miss you and love seeing you and your family!  These sessions only take 30 minutes and there is a special price package for these mini’s.  Email or call Brandi or myself and we will get the price list to you.

Spirit Photographers Mini Sessions


Spirit Photographers 2012 Mini Session Dates






Photographer’s Tricks – {Columbus Ohio Photographer}

I am going to show you one of the tricks photographers use to get the most unbelievable shots.  It’s photoshop magic!  Many of todays most popular portrait poses look almost too good to be true!  Most of the time they are!!  I am going to show you step by step how to get amazing portraits with photoshop.  This is the final image.

I don’t have images of the first few steps in this process, but I will tell you that my assistant went into the woods and drug this LIMB into the studio!  We cleaned it up and let it dry for a few days.  In the meantime we went to Hobby Lobby and picked out some silk flower bunches that we liked. When we got back to the studio, Brandi (my creative studio manager) proceeded to patiently plucked off the silk flowers and glue gunned them to this branch hanging out in our camera room!  After that we were ready to shoot!!

So now for the fun stuff!  We started by taking a photo of the limb – camera on tripod to keep the same distance and height, etc.  The image below is what we used as the base image.

Next we moved in a giant bean bag and the baby!  you can see what we got in the next photograph.  Again, camera in same location, same lighting, same white balance, etc.

WOW!  Lots of stuff to clone!!  NO NO, its much easier than that!  In the next photo you will see how I used the lasso tool to circle the baby and a bit of the surrounding area. Then switch to the selection too and drag the part you have circled with the lasso onto the base image. as in the following photo.

As you can see the baby is too large for the background image. Simply hit the shortcut “ctl/cmd T” on your keyboard and resize the layer to fit nicely into your background photo. Then just use your erase tool on soft edges to take away the excess around the baby until it all blends nicely.  Flatten your image and VOILA!  Baby hanging in a tree!!  I save my limb/background image in case I want to use again- I won’t have to repeat that step.  Feel free to email me if you have any questions!  Happy Photoshop-ing!