Digital Photography – the good, the bad and the ugly!

Will Your Grandchildren Be Upset With You?   Author: Fred Molesworth, Salem, Oregon

I’m willing to bet your grandchildren will be upset with you. Here’s why. Imagine, 50 years from now, as your grandchildren or great grandchildren are going through the boxes in the attic. They are enthralled with the treasures and keepsakes they find and how they tie into the story of your life. Amongst all the old items, they find a number of round silver objects. Some have writing on them, some are blank, but they resemble some kind of a small platter about 4? across, with a hole in the middle. Puzzled, they take them to their parents. “What are these, Mom?” they ask. “Oh, I think those are all of grandma’s photographs. Yep, here’s one labeled ‘My Wedding’. Here’s some more labeled ‘Family Photos,’ and some more labeled ‘Vacations’.” “How do we look at them?” they ask. “Well, I’m not sure we can. First of all, no one has the device that reads these anymore. Besides that, I doubt after all these years that they’re any good anymore. Being stored in the attic, the heat and cold probably ruined them.” The kids are very disappointed. Nowhere amongst all the treasures are any actual prints. All that history is lost. Their connection with the past and all the wonderful stories that might have gone along with all those photographs are gone as well. Along with all the wonders of our digital age come some significant problems that most people have never thought of.

Did you know that over 90% of all images taken on today’s digital cameras are NEVER PRINTED? I’m guilty of that myself. I have gigabytes of personal photographs that have never been seen other than on a computer screen. In the old days, film went to the lab and everything that was printable was printed. Even if it was a bad photograph, it still was a hard copy, a part of your family history and it had permanence. Even if they never went in an album, they at least went into a box, to be discovered as treasures years later. The same problem exists in professional portrait studios today. Many people are simply asking for the images on CD. “I’ll print them later” or “I’ll design my own wedding album” are common phrases. Usually this is done with the thought that they’ll save some money by doing it themselves. But you know what? Most never make it into any kind of an album. Life gets busy and 20 years later they’ll be looking for some way to read those disks. I bring this up only to point out the importance of what we, as a professional studio do. Our job is not just to create the images, to create wonderful story telling photographs about the people in front of our camera; it’s to create a final product, whether it be a professionally retouched and printed single image, a family heirloom wall portrait, or an incredible storybook album using a collection of the images that were created. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a wedding, a newborn baby, a senior or a family. Having the final product created for you is important. To do less is to leave the job half done and to short change the customer. So, if you’re asked for a disk with all the images “so I can print them later”, that’s fine, just make sure your customers understand that if not printed, the conversation their grandchildren will want to have about their family history may never be able to happen.

Fred Molesworth In addition to running a full time portrait studio in Salem Oregon, Fred Molesworth is a small business teacher and advisor, and the author of the Portrait Studio Marketing blog ( He’s also a nationally known business and marketing speaker in the portrait industry, and past president of the Professional Photographers of Oregon.

Shawn Ireland, Diana Long – Photos from Girls Night Out Slumber Party – Downtown Columbus

Last friday night, Diana Long of, asked me to come take some photographs of her Dream Real Card Game she was presenting at the slumber party. Diana is a results life coach at The Life Design Institute. If you haven’t heard of life coaching, you should really look into it!

Shawn Ireland has an online woman’s club called the SIS club. She put together a slumber party at the Hyatt on Capital Square and had lined up a ton of games, contests, chick flicks, food, drink and presentations geared just to woman. Other fun seminars were presented by Ameriprise Financial Advisors (Yay, Kay, finally a women financial advisor), Diamond Dance & Fitness, Dating Directions,of course, me, Spirit Photographers and more!

Niki and Tracey were there from Skin Perfect. If you haven’t heard about Skin Perfect, their Color Analysis and Identity make-up line, please check them out! Their color analysis and make-up changed my life!

Diana Garber from Intuitive Concepts was also there. Her work with Feng Shui is amazing!

Check out some of the pictures from the event below. This slumber party was a HOOT! The Real Housewives of Delaware County had great PJ’s. I am hoping she makes this an annual event. It was such fun!

Shoot a Wedding?? Not Me!? – Columbus Ohio Portrait Photographer

Well, you caught me!  You are correct, I generally do not photograph weddings….as a rule.  Although I advertise that I do not photograph weddings, I will take a handful each year just for fun.  This wedding was one of those instances.  The bride was referred by a portrait client of mine and she let me know that it was going to be a very small second wedding for both of them.  Awe, what the heck, I agreed to photograph the ceremony at the Granville Inn a couple of weeks ago.  I am very glad that I did!  They were such a great couple and it was a beautiful day!  Their blended family is so perfect – they even gave each of the kids a “wedding” band and promise during the ceremony.  What a super idea.  Here a a couple of sneak peeks.  Aren’t they gorgeous!

WPPI Trade Show Surprise! – Columbus Ohio Portrait Photographer

While I was at WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) with a fellow photographer this month, I came across a surprise at the trade show! The show hosts over 15,000 people from all walks of the photography business and from all over the world. There are crazy schedules of photography seminars, classes and portrait competitions as well as 2 huge trade show rooms with over 300 vendors! Needless to say that it is tough to see all the vendors when there are 15,000 people all trying to see them at the same time….can you say sardines! The trade show is only open 5 or so hours a day for 4 days. On the last day of the show, my colleague and I did one last trip around the trade show floor – I guess we figured we hadn’t met the 75 lb. suitcase limit with the other tons of catalogs, etc we had already received. ANYWAY, we happened by one of my photographic album manufacturers booth – not sure why I hadn’t seen them yet. AND to my delight, there was one of my high school senior albums sitting in their booth – front and center – as a sample. I felt famous!! LOL! It was a satisfying end to a very productive, inspiring ad exhausting week in Las Vegas. Visit our website


I must not market myself very well….Go figure!!! – Columbus Ohio Photography Studio

Quick story about how well I DON’T promote myself. I was standing at a sports training sessions and chatting with a friend of my son’s grandmother, whom I have known for almost 3 years now. We talk regularly at similar sporting events, birthday parties, etc. Anyhow, she proceeds to tell me how she took her 8 month old granddaughter to get her pictures taken and she wouldn’t smile – not even once! She then said she was taking her BACK to the same place the next morning for a retake or she wasn’t going to buy any. Of course I then asked her (kind of indignantly)’ “well, where did you take her?” Her response was Flash Photography! She looked at me surprised and said why? (Well, again, I OBVIOUSLY do a poor job of promoting myself and my work.) I then ran to my car and grabbed my laptop and proceed to show her my work, told her where my studio was and we arranged to have the granddaughter’s portraits taken the next morning. To my relief…the little girl smiled like CRAZY! We even got a few of her 2 year old brother. It was LOTS of fun, I really enjoyed this session – and learned a valuable lesson in the meantime! Here are some previews! (I even love the pouting one!) Spirit Photographers Main Site



Hang loose, dude! Columbus Ohio Child Photographer

We are having a great time in Maui!  My son, Galen is surfin’ dude!  He is 8…but still… he has done more things lately that I have NEVER done.  I really need to get caught up…or something.  For those of you looking to order your Holiday cards and senior yearbook pictures, DON’T WORRY, I will be back from vacation on Monday (11/17) and will be in touch with you to get orders and deadline dates.                    Until then….Aloha!