Getting Ready

What To Wear

Bring multiple outfits, both formal & casual, that express who you are!

Solid colors & long sleeves photograph best.

Bring clothes for you and your Parents! We want you both to get what you want.

Bring matching shoes, socks and accessories to complete your look.

Iron clothes prior to your session. I know this is a foreign concept!

Consider bringing letter jackets, uniforms, sports equipment, music
instruments to express your interests. Make your portrait personal!

Paint your nails – clear or nuetral works best. Style hair the way you like best, then bring curling & flat iron, spray, etc to change for second half of session. Bring your make up bag including powder for touch ups. Limit sun exposure prior to session to avoid burns peeling & tan lines. Get a good nights sleep!

Trim & clean nails. Consider haircut 1 week prior to session. Shave before session. Style your hair prior to session. Bring comb/brush & gel for touch-ups.
If you wear ball cap bring it for end of session pics – don’t wear hat to session.
Get a good nights sleep!