Not Your Grandmother’s Wall Portraits {Interior Design Photographer}

Too many of us think that displaying portraits on our walls will make our home “look like Grandma’s house”.  Honestly, this is NOT TRUE!  There are a few tricks to prevent that “look”.  The number one trick or rule is….8×10 is NOT a wall portrait.  If you hang one or many 8×10’s on a wall in an unorganized and unfashionable way…then you risk having your home look “old fashioned”.  Secondly, choose portraits that are artsy and in a similar color palate to each other.  I can help design a display for your home!  It is not a well known fact that prior to becoming a professional photographer, I graduated from  Interior Design School…A little BONUS you get with me!  Please let me know PRIOR to your session that you are interested in this option so we can plan your shoot accordingly.  We also have a program that can take a photo of your existing wall space and digitally display your portraits in various arrangements and sizes until you are happy with the look!   Contact me today and I will be happy to discuss your ideas, wants and needs!  You’d be surprised what amazing artwork photographs of your loved ones can make in your home!  It NEVER goes out of style.  It’s the best kind of artwork… artwork that MATTERS.

The above is a canvas wall collage I just finished in my home.  Yes, I live in Ohio…But a girl can make believe, right?

My studio manager, Brandi, ordered this display before she came to work with me.