Senior Portraits -What to Wear {Columbus, Ohio Photographer}

I have a new collection for Senior Portraits What to Wear on Pinterest!  Graduation is just around the corner for high school seniors this year.  It is a VERY exciting and BUSY time of year for you, but if you haven’t made the time yet for your senior portraits, it’s not too late! This is such an important time in your life your senior portraits is an important way to document your personality. In my Pinterest collection “Seniors-What to Wear”,  I’m featuring some ideas for the high school seniors. For senior sessions I always recommend outfit changes with layers and tons of accessories to change up the look in your portraits. Always bring clothing that is in your color palette.  If you don’t know what your color palette is, Skin Perfect is a great place in Columbus to go get an analysis. Skin Perfect describes it as “An analysis and identification of a person’s natural skin tone and determination of the best colors that are in perfect harmony with their tone. This includes clothing and hair recommendations. A customized makeup lesson and take home swatch booklet is included. Knowing this information ensures that money is never again wasted on the wrong makeup color and your face color seamlessly integrates with your neck color.” I have had it done and it is life changing!  It has saved me tons of money on clothing and makeup that I used buy that is NOT my color and I end up not wearing it and wasn’t sure why?  Also, be sure to bring MORE than you will need for your portrait session so we can go through and chose what will photograph best. Feel free to contact me before your session to talk more about wardrobe…for seniors, children, family or any type of session.




What to Wear for Family Portraits via Pinterest {Columbus, Ohio Photographer}

I have to admit, I have a new love in my life….PINTEREST!  If you are not familiar with Pinterest, you REALLY  need to check it out.  If you don’t have an account yet request an invite from or a friend like me (contact me with your email address and I’ll send you an invite).

A person can have multiple boards, each with multiple pins. Each pin is a saved image that links to the original webpage showing the image, and a description set by the person who pinned it. Pins are organized by boards – a simple way to connect pins together under a single topic or theme.  If you are like me, I’ll see something I love and then FORGET where I saw it and search for hours to find it again.  Pinterest SOLVES that problem.  I use interest for inspiration, bookmarking, sharing and organization…as well as some web marketing for my business.

Anywho, I have created a board that I think might be helpful to my clients. Its the number one question I get asked before a photoshoot….WHAT DO WE WEAR??  Well now you can go to my board and gets some ideas and inspiration.  You can find it here  .   If you find other ideas, feel free to pin to this board.  I have included a “pin” from the board below.  I hope you guys find this helpful for future portrait sessions.  Happy Hump Day!



What to wear for family photo shoot

As a photographer, the number one question I get is on the topic of what to wear to their photo shoot. When booking a portrait session I think it is almost always a given that the client is going to ask for suggestions on what to wear. I struggled with this question when I was first starting out. My clients would come dressed in matching outfits or in the same color head to toe. These clothing choices do not make for the most visually appealing image.

I knew that I had to change my clients way of thinking when it came to choosing outfits for their portraits. I personally believe that is part of my job to help style a session. This gives my clients another reason to hiring me over going to a chain portrait studio. I always tell them to choose items with good color, texture (ie, knits, ruffles, denim) and accessories. I tell them to think coordinating not matching. I even go as far as offering to come to their homes and dig through their closet with them or tell them to bring a trunk full of options and we can put together outfits on location.

I am guilty of dressing my family in white shirts and khaki pants. I now realize how visually unappealing that is, so I really stress to my families to think coordinating outfits not matching. I tell them to browse their favorite stores websites for new collections and a lot times you will see outfit ideas that coordinate really well together. I honestly think that when you let your clients know that it is OKAY not to have matching outfits it lifts a weight off their shoulders. Now they can look for outfits that fit each family member individual style but tie all the looks together by picking a few select colors to coordinate. Trying to find one color and style that works for every family member is hard! I use to dread picking out family outfits for pictures now it is one of my favorite parts!

Black and White Photography – Turn the ordinary into extraordinary!

Black and white photography has the ability to make even an everyday image seem like a beautiful work of art. Since we are accustomed to viewing color photos on a daily basis, black and white portraits often comes across as much more sophisticated and elegant. This makes black and white photography very popular for timeless family portraits.

Style & Color
An off-white or charcoal top with a stylish neckline or collar helps direct attention to the face. Clothes should cover the shoulders, arms and legs. Wear styles with simple lines. One option is to bring a change of clothes with a different neckline or sleeve style. Essential any color is fine, after all it will be photographed in black and white. The primary goal to to wear flattering clothing! When dressing a family or group, try to stick with all light color or dark color clothing. This will make your portrait timeless and classic!

Patterns & Textures
Fabric should be solid colors or subtle patterns. Avoid clothing with slogans and logos. Loud, busy designs such as wide stripes, checks, plaids or dots are distracting and could date the image. At a black and white photo shoot, wearing textured fabric can give a sense of richness to the final image. Clothing shouldn’t distract attention from facial expressions in the images.

Makeup and Accessories
A light dusting of translucent face powder helps reduce shine. For dry lips, try a non-waxy lip balm that leaves no white residue. Women should avoid lip gloss or high-gloss lipstick. Also avoid dark-toned lipstick, such as burgundy. Choose non-reflective accessories with elegant shapes, such as classic pearls.

I love to talk black and white so if you have any questions on your session, please feel free to give me a call or email us anytime!

Family Portrait Clothing Ideas – April Edition- Columbus Photographer

Wearing the wrong colors in a family portrait can be haunting. Those photos are usually found years later in a forgotten closet, and instead of reminding you of the good times in your family’s history, they only point out the wardrobe mistakes of your past. Choosing the right colors can make your family portrait the treasure it was meant to be. We suggest wearing clothes from the same color palette but aren’t exactly the same to keep your family portrait from looking too “matchy-matchy.” Dressing your family in colors that blend keeps the focus of the photo on the family rather than their outfits. When dressing in the same color palette, make sure there is a contrast between bottoms and top. If everyone wore khaki pants with khaki tops, your photo would be a sea of khaki and your family portrait would not very interesting. In addition to blending your colors, try to wear clothing that expresses each family members personal style. This will add interest and personality to your family portraits! If you have questions about your portrait session, feel free to give me a call and we can discuss it further! Take Care & Happy Spring! Stacy

Family Portrait Clothing Suggestions

What to Wear for my Portrait? Columbus Ohio Photographer

Here it is!! My monthly guide for what to wear for your upcoming photo shoot. This is the question I get from my clients the most – by far! The guide is to be used as inspiration for your portrait session, not as “gospel”. These suggestions are for color portraits only. Stay tuned for what to wear for black and white portraits. As always, feel free to call for more direction and advice. We want you to LOVE your portraits! We want you to let your personalities shine through. Clothing is definitely an important part of making your portraits the best they can be! Click here for more information on our studio.